The Future is Bright with Hall and Chambers…

At Hall and Chambers, we embrace a tradition of Building Communities, Building Dreams. We love what we do and take pleasure in the growth and development of everyone on our team, including the individuals and families each of us serves. When your hard work, effort and determination results in the realization of your goals and dreams, then we know we have succeeded.

Original Approaches | Optimal Results



Hall and Chambers has embarked on a bold adventure, going beyond a traditional brokerage and building upon the decades of experience, providing superior real estate services and optimal results for a meaningful and productive career.

Though Hall and Chambers is new, its roots are firmly planted in the years of exceptional accomplishments. As one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the region, Hall and Chambers is driven by the passion to serve with the purpose of helping anyone striving to achieve their professional and personal dreams.

Our goal is to promote an agent centric environment with positive people and healthy attitudes, offering the best support, tools, programs and technology for you to provide an outstanding experience when serving your clients in matters of real estate.

Pillars | Apparatus | The Academy | Culture | Growth


Our Agent Support Services

Superior support is the trademark of Hall and Chambers. Having the right elements in place works best when each component comes together in harmony, giving you the confidence that everything is designed with your best interest in mind. You will enjoy our atmosphere of encouragement, focusing solely on your business efficiency and success.

Marketing and Technology

Our marketing and technology center employs creative and knowledgeable individuals who’ll establish your business basics including your business cards, announcements, market reports, as well as your online and social media presence. Known to many as Mission Control, our marketing/technology center is a tower of strength for agents who benefit from the marketing consultation, brand development, implementation and ongoing technology support.

Transaction Management

Listings | Sales

Having knowledgeable file managers supervise and process your transaction is instrumental in sustaining a headache-free business. Our thorough transaction process is based on the Bureau of Real Estate requirements and is designed to help you meet the legal guidelines protecting the consumer interest as well as your license to sell real estate. Having experience with a wide variety of files from residential to commercial gives our Transaction Managers the advantage, and you the peace of mind when it comes to your files.

Non-Completing Mentorship

  • Coaching
    Business Planning | Goal Setting | Accountability | Business Development
  • Masterminding
  • Non-Competing Management Policy
  • Accessibility | Open Door Policy
  • At Hall and Chambers, we welcome your challenges.

Making It Happen: Big Ideas = Big Success



Tools | Resources

At H&C, we have all the right tools and resources, but more importantly, we have the expertise on how to use those tools and resources effectively for outstanding results. As our agent, you will enjoy a realistic sales experience, one that works to integrate technology with traditional prospecting and marketing methods, making your business activities more practicable and efficient.

Our Apparatus of Success

  • iPhone/iPad Apps
  • Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Contact Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Facebook | Social Media


Direct Calling | Direct Mailing | Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) | Event Marketing

Good Neighbor Marketing | Lifestyle Marketing | Community -Public Seminars

  • Consumer Data Leads
  • “At Home with H+C” Open House Coordination
  • Advertising Company Listings


  • Team H+C
  • Commercial Networking
  • Relocation Partners

Achieving Success

The Academy

Live – In-House Sessions | Industry Experts | Real Estate Business CoachesNew Agent Training | Technology | Skill Building | Public Speaking and Presentation Skills | Policy and Industry Updates

The Academy is a hallmark of Hall and Chambers with unparalleled training, educational and skill development curriculums bringing you advanced know-how with a wide range of topics to help increase your productivity.

Foundational – Introduction to the Basics

  • Preparatory
  • Continued Education
  • Skill Building Workshops
  • Technology Training
  • Commercial Training


How We Help Build Your Business


Business Planning

Annual meetings with coaches/managers, creating specific blueprints for your business plan, followed by periodic reviews for optimal results. You’ll benefit from our exclusive accountability system.

Live Office Team Meetings

Weekly office meetings are held, providing you an opportunity to participate and learn more about new programs, events, and receive updates on the current state of the office and the local market in general.

All Company Events / Annual Sales Retreats

Throughout the year, you will enjoy hearing from the movers and shakers in the industry, which include in-house presentations by top real estate coaches like Mike Ferry, Tom Ferry, and others.

Shaping a Better World



Every year, Hall and Chambers agents receive awards for their productivity and are also recognized for their volunteering efforts for a championing cause. We are very proud to have outstanding performers and exemplary leaders and professionals in our team, leading our communities in market share, client satisfaction and community support.


We are thankful for the opportunity to support the communities where we live and work. Throughout the year, we host events benefiting the Healthy Kids, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Educational Foundations and other relief efforts. We participate with several local charitable organizations, and we also bring our activism when needed with issues affecting homeownership, property rights, and matters involving the overall quality of life in our neighborhoods.

The “Work Hard, Play Hard” Philosophy

If you are someone who is committed to living life with passion and purpose, and you are excited by the idea of realizing your goals and dreams, then expect to thrive with Hall and Chambers, where you’ll enjoy the energy and cooperation of highly motivated professionals like yourself. We work hard and play hard, and it’s always joyful when celebrating individual triumphs or our collective victories.


How Much Money Will I Make with Hall and Chambers?

How much of my earnings will I keep?

Having access to excellent support, services and advice in your real estate sales career is paramount, especially when your client’s most expensive investment is on the line. But just how much does it have to cost you?

One of the most significant reasons we’ve moved away from a traditional brokerage is to make sure that you are not only able to keep more of what you earn, but for you to also have further opportunities, growing and developing your own line of real estate with our signature products and services.

Let us share with you what this all means for your bottom line?